Buy Online Gazel - Gazel's Book of Souls Double Vinyl (Signed) + Tote Bag


Gazel's Book of Souls Double Vinyl (Signed) + Tote Bag


Release Date: 04/10/2019

This multi buy includes:

  • Gazel's Book of Souls Double Vinyl (Signed)
  • Gazel's Book of Souls Tote Bag
The album follows the esoteric story of Gazel, who seeks to find the cause of a mysterious fire which destroyed her village, and in the process encounters a variety of ‘souls’ who dwell in our collective unconscious, each of which is represented by a different track on the album. Influenced by Jungian archetypes, mystical philosophy and the folk music of her Middle-Eastern roots, the album is an eclectic and captivating blend of subtle electronica, folk and pop.

Side A

1. The Forest
2. Pointing At The Moon
3. Mina's Hymn
4. Walk On Land

Side B

5. Book of Souls
6. Half Humming fine
7. Cloudpatterns
8. The Door

Side C

9. Rain Is Coming
10. The Magic Interval
11. You're Not Funny
12. Ximena

Side D

13. Reprise
14. The Night Concierge