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Gazel's Book of Souls Double Vinyl + T-Shirt


Release Date: 04/10/2019

Gazel's Book of Souls T-Shirt

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  • Gazel's Book of Souls Double Vinyl
  • EP
  • Gazel's Book of Souls T-Shirt
For centuries, music has been used to tell stories. Some of the greatest legends, myths and histories of humanity are written in song. Yet in the present day, it could be argued that the art of storytelling through music is something many have left behind.

This is not the case for Gazel, the multi-instrumentalist, artist and producer whose masterfully woven, exquisitely textured music has already drawn comparisons to the likes of Björk, Kate Bush and Bat for Lashes.
Her debut album, Gazel’s Book Of Souls, is a thoughtful, philosophical work featuring old-world influences imbued masterfully into modern pop and electronic sensibilities. These eclectic soundscapes provide the medium for the tale of a young girl who leaves her village after a devastating fire and sets out on a journey to clear her grandfather’s name – encountering a number of intriguing characters along the way.

Side A

1. The Forest
2. Pointing At The Moon
3. Mina's Hymn
4. Walk On Land

Side B

5. Book of Souls
6. Half Humming
7. Cloudpatterns
8. The Door

Side C

9. Rain Is Coming
10. The Magic Interval
11. You're Not Funny
12. Ximena

Side D

13. Reprise
14. The Night Concierge