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Gazel's Book of Souls CD (Signed) + Tote Bag


Release Date: 04/10/2019

This multi buy includes:

  • Gazel's Book of Souls CD Album (Signed)
  • Gazel's Book of Souls Tote Bag
The album follows the esoteric story of Gazel, who seeks to find the cause of a mysterious fire which destroyed her village, and in the process encounters a variety of ‘souls’ who dwell in our collective unconscious, each of which is represented by a different track on the album. Influenced by Jungian archetypes, mystical philosophy and the folk music of her Middle-Eastern roots, the album is an eclectic and captivating blend of subtle electronica, folk and pop.

1. The Forest
2. Pointing At The Moon
3. Mina's Hymn
4. Walk On Land
5. Book of Souls
6. Half Humming fine
7. Cloudpatterns
8. The Door
9. Rain Is Coming
10. The Magic Interval
11. You're Not Funny
12. Ximena
13. Reprise
14. The Night Concierge